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Cultural Tourism

  • Cultural and historical monuments

The medieval fortress “Golubački grad”: http://www.golubac.org.rs/template1.aspx?pageID=135

The ancient settlements  - Vicus Cuppae and Castrum Nove: http://www.golubac.rs/sr/obilasci.php#znamenitosti

Monastery “Tumani”: http://www.golubac.org.rs/template1.aspx?pageID=147

  • Regular cultural programmes


Ethno festival in Golubac: http://www.golubac.rs/sr/news.php#109

IOC ROMÂNESC – Festival Vlaha Balkana: http://www.golubac.rs/sr/news.php#109

Eco tourism, excursions

  • Nature protection site, natural monument, nature parc, geo parc

National park “Djerdap”: http://www.npdjerdap.org/en

Nature reserve  “Golubački grad”: http://www.srbija.travel/destinacije/52-vikenda-u-srbiji/veliko-gradiste-golubac/

Tours and excursions - tours of famous sites: http://www.golubac.rs/sr/obilasci.php

Gastro tourism

  • gastronomic programme

Golubac kettle – Danube fish festival:  http://www.golubac.rs/sr/news.php#109


  • Fishing

World Club Championship in the sport fishing in Golubac: http://www.golubac.rs/sr/news.php#109

  • Rowing

Danube regatta TiD: http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/where_we_work/black_sea_basin/danube_carpathian/our_solutions/freshwater/sustainable_navigation/past_events/danube_tour/

  • Hunting

Hunting dogs from sand: http://www.manifestacije.com/manifestacije_detaljnije.php?ID=147&PHPSESSID=9f55f6a7ed52530281d1496b8f79c66d

Other Services

  • Police

http://www.bginfostrana.com/policija/29468-policijska-stanica-cara-duana-72-golubac-policija-  bginfostrana.html

  • pharmacy shop


  • doctor’s office


  • post office


  • tourist information bureau






Grb Golupca

Settlement name


Population (settlement)

1896 inhabitants

Area (municipality)

368 km2

Administrative status

Village, municipality

Location of settlement centre

44° 38′ N, 21° 37′ E

Height of settlement centre

179 m


Golubac is a city on the curve that the Danube creates below the Mildava island. In the area of Golubac the Danube is 2km wide, and the view from the promenade one can compare only with sea sight.

The Golubac fortress at the entrance to gorge, according to many people, is the most beautiful middle Ages fortress on the Danube. It is supposed that the fortress on rocks in shape of cascade was built by Serb constructions in the XIV century. It has a lot of similarities with the Smederevo fortress in the style of construction and material. The city was erected in the rocky ridge, at the exact entrance into the gorge. The fortress has irregular base with 9 towers, out of which the highest is Hat tower. Although the fortress belonged to Serbs, Hungarians, Turks and Austrians, it was not changed significantly. Great Donžon tower in its base is polygonal, and its upper part is cylindrical. The tower was built in water (Water tower), has in its center the exit Danube, so that by boats it was possible always to run away in case of siege. The height of tower varies from 20-30 m and corrections for fire arms visible on them. The depth in the vicinity of the fortress is enough to be able to approach by boat, in case you prefer to make photos of the fortress from a short distance.

Having the width of almost 2km, the Danube at the entrance into Golubac gorge gets narrower and its wirth comes to 300m only. Dam construction hasn’t provoked and obstacle for navigation, but the water flow is faster in the narrow part of canyon. At certain places depth is 50m. The Golubac gorge is extended to the Ljupkovska valley, which is called that way according to Romanian village Ljubkovo.


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