Official Website: http://www.futog.info/v3/

Website Introducing the Settlement:   http://sr.wikipedia.org/sr-el/%D0%A4%D1%83%D1%82%D0%BE%D0%B3       

Cultural  Tourism

  • Sacral monuments

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church and parish house: http://www.novisadbastina.rs/kulturna-dobra/u-futogu/u-futogu-spomenici-kulture/213-rimokatolicka-crkva-srca-isusova-i-yupni-dvor.html

The Serbian Orthodox Church of the sorcerers Kuzman and Damian: http://www.novisadbastina.rs/kulturna-dobra/u-futogu/u-futogu-spomenici-kulture/220-srpska-pravoslavna-crkva-kuzmana-i-damjana.html

  • Cultural and historical monuments

Vowel Cross:  http://www.novisadbastina.rs/kulturna-dobra/u-futogu/u-futogu-spomenici-kulture/221-zavetnikrst.html

“Kotek castle”:    http://www.novisadbastina.rs/kulturna-dobra/u-futogu/u-futogu-spomenici-kulture/222-kotekov-dvorac.html

  • Regular cultural programmes

Ethno festival "Pearl branches" - the festival of costume jewelry and headgear: http://plakatt.com/events/3162-biserna-grana-festival-nosnje-nakita-i-oglavlja

Gastro tourism

  • gastronomic programme

Futoška kupusijada  - festival of cabbage: http://www.vojvodinaonline.com/sr/detalji_festivali.php?id=2135&look=2


  • Hunting

Hunting “Podunavlje”: http://www.vojvodinaonline.com/sr/detalji_sta.php?id=318&look=2

Other Services

  • Police


  • doctor’s office



Tavern raft “Dunavac”:  http://www.upoznajsrbiju.co.rs/smestaj/carda-splav--dunavac--620




Settlement name



18582 inhabitants


80,3 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 14‘17"N, 19° 42‘ 22"E

Height of settlement centre

85 m


                The settlement of Futog is located next to the bank of the river Danube. Like in the majority of Vojvodina’ s settlements the most important facilities in Futog are two churches. The Serbian Orthodox Church of Kuzman and Damjan erected in 1776. The iconostas is made by ArsenijeTeodorović in 1799. In the Church there is a collection of icons of PavleSimić made in mid XVIII century. In the church yard there is a grave of SmiljkaJovanović, daughter of well known poet Jovan JovanovićZmaj. Roman-Catholic Church of Jesus Heart with two bell towers was erected in 1908. The church is constructed due to donations of Countess Kotek. In thieschurch the paintings of Joseph FerenzFalkoner from the end of XVIII century are preserved.

                Opposite the settlement of Futog, across the river, there is the settlement of Beočin. By the lower end of Beočinada are shallow waters as there is also sandy river bank. From the branch one enters 2km-long canal constructed for the needs of cement transport from cement factory Beočin to dam building site and water-power plant Djerdap. 

Source: www.futog.info www.wikipedia.org