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  • Sacral monuments

Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph:


Orthodox church of St. Sava in Čerević:


  • Museum

Heritage Museum Čerević:  http://fruskogorska-riznica.co.rs/?nav=data2&data=beocin&sub=2&id=31

  • Regular cultural programmes

Festival of Sacred Music Choir in Čerević:


Eco tourism, excursions

Eco-ethno club in Čerević:  http://www.seoskiturizam-dunav-fruskagora.com/     


Traditional hunting dogs:  http://www.vojvodinaonline.com/sr/detalji_festivali.php?id=1929&look=2

Hunting Čot:   http://www.vojvodinaonline.com/sr/detalji_sta.php?id=158&look=2


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Holiday accommodation  J. Kuzmanović:  http://fruskogorska-riznica.co.rs/?nav=data1&data=beocin&sub=1&id=50

Holiday accommodation  Ž. Vidak:   http://fruskogorska-riznica.co.rs/?nav=data1&data=beocin&sub=1&id=49

   Children resort “Testera”:  http://fruskogorska-riznica.co.rs/?nav=data1&data=beocin&sub=1&id=47



Settlement name



2826 inhabitants


32,4 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 13‘06"N, 19° 39‘ 33"E

Height of settlement centre

121 m


The settlement is mentioned as fortification within the frame of Limes where the IV Roman legion resided. For the first time, name Cerevic was mentioned in 1339, and in 1372 it was a town. After the arrival of the Turks, it the beginning of the XVI century, its population dispersed. In the beginning of the XVIII century, a permanent settlement grows here. There were 3029 people living there in the beginning of the XX century.

The village is located on the hill above the Danube which, looking from the water provides a special attraction. You will also recognize Cerevic by two church – towers: of the Serbian Orthodox church and the Roman-Catholic church. The Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Sava ( Sveti Sava ) got its final shape in the XVIII century. Icons were made by unknown craftsmen, while iconostas was carved by Marko Vujatovic. The Roman-Catholic Church of St. Joseph( SvetiJosif) is in the village centre. There is the most famous icon of the Holly Family, work of Johan Natinhofer. The lower part of the painting shows panoramic view of Cerevic.

It has been 24 km far away from Novi Sad by a regional road, and from the centre of the village there is a road to Fruskagora  - towards Testera resort and the Centre for economic and technological developmentAndrevlje.

Right behind Beocin and before Banostor

Not far from Novi Sad, and opposite BackaPalanka

On the Danube wide and under Fruska Gora,

There`s a village of gentlemen – Cerevic.

                The most beautiful pages on Cerevic, one of the settlements in the municipality of Beocin, wrote an academician DraganNedeljkovic, and the people of Cerevic did their best to make this place famous and wide known.

                Cerevic is one of rare settlements in Vojvodina with so many famous people who left a deep trail in Serbian science and culture. They are Stefan ZivkovicTelemak, Nikola Igic, Jovan GrcicMilenko, MilenkoSerban, Jovan Soldatovic.

                This place, known for the first village pharmacy in Srem ( 1888 ), stopped being the center of the municipality after the WWII, but never stopped being the gathering place of artists, painters, poets. The people of Cerevic can be proud of them museum – institution not so often, even in the most of cities. The homeland museum keeps the historic-cultural heritage of this place and memento on their well known people.    

Source: www.wikipedia.org