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Settlement name


Population (settlement)

8370  inhabitants

Area (municipality)

184 km2

Administrative status

Village, municipality

Location of settlement centre

45° 12´N, 19° 44´E

Height of settlement centre



From the Danube spring to its mouth, from Swarzwald mountain to the Black Sea, from the ancient times till today, man`s hand  has built and knocked down hundreds of settlements on the Danub banks. Today, most of them have been nothing more than topics of historical-archeological studies and scientific conferences. Only the small number of them has not been ruined, neither by people, nor ages and they stay as precious monuments of the lives of people from this area.

We can say that hundreds of settlements: from multi-million to small ones with ten houses and thity souls, “sleep “ at the bank of the great river today. One of these settlements is the town of Beocin.


The people of Beocin gave themselves different names.

They will say: “ We are the poeple of Fruska gora“. The holy mountain laying by the great river is our second fetish. We love it because it gives us food, heat, joy. We love it because it offered sanctuary to haiduks, wolves and monasteries. If there wasn`t for that mountain, the sun would rise a second later, but it feeds and heats the ones it loves as one sun more.

They will say: “We are the people of cement ”. We have embedded so much love, energy, destinies in our cement that only this one would be able to separate two continents and merge two seas. The factory chimney was our landmark to see how far we have left and how close we have been.

Cement, cement, cement ... has always been bread, life and joy here.

They will say: “We are the people of Srem “, and Srem can be, as the famous poet Mika Antic said, porcine, wine, Roman, rosemary Srem. Some other poet Stevan Brica, sang the anthem of Srem, which people there live by. It goes like this:

Hit me, kill me,dub my skin

I`ve been ready to die long since

Curse my father, my mother, my all

Just leave my Srem, my Srem alone!