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Kuva (Castellum Onagrinum) Begeč – archaeological site from Roman times:

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Settlement name



3335 inhabitants


43,8 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 14‘07"N, 19° 37‘ 14"E

Height of settlement centre

88 m


Begeč is located near the Danube river, where there is a large pond. It was mentioned for the first time in the XVI century. There is a Serbian Orthodox Churhc built in 1838. This settlement is known for the lake “ The pit ” which is located about 2km west of the village. The lake was formed by soaking the old village, after which the peasants retreated beyond the Danube to its resent location. Even ten years earlier it was possible to see the old church tower when the Danube water level dropped. The old fishermen are often known to dig up some old cases thet were used by villagers. Between the village and the lake can still be found the old grave-monuments written in he Glagolitc alphabet.

                Begečka pit is the most important attraction of Begeč. This mysterious nature park, interwoven with legends stretches for about 300 acres and is only twenty kilometers from Novi Sad. You can catch different fish there such as: catfish, grass carp and carp, pike, large perch and white and the entire calendar year is open to visitors.