Settlement name



780 inhabitants


21,4 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 12‘26"N, 19° 36‘ 29"E

Height of settlement centre

158 m


Banostor is a picturesque village at the northern slopes of Fruskagora mountain, by the right bank of the river Danube. This village, by its position, is one of the most beautiful villages in the Municipality of Beocin. It is 28 km far from Novi Sad, and a bit less far from Serbian- Croatian border.

                Today, when a passing visitor asks him or herself on the real name of this place: Banostor or Banostar, the ones are rare to suspect on the rich and rough history.        

                Banostor was probably founded in the second century AD as one of the Limes fortresses which had been built on the right bank of the river Danube- under the name MalataBononia, during the reign of August

This settlement was mentioned for the first time in the XII century, and its name has been kept till today. It was linked to a very interesting historical person Ban ( Banus ) Belos, the son of a great Serbian parish Uros I and Hungarian platin, who had built a Benedictine monastery in 1163. In time, the firstname of the place loses its trace and Banus monastery, MonasteriumBani or Banostor, in Hungarian, stays. 

                Nowadays, the panoramic view of this settlement is dominated by an orthodox church of Saint George. It is situated on a hill which is maybe the reason why its bell-tower stands so low. Iconostas and a number of the icons were done by Konstantin Pantelic in 1836. The icon of Our Lady on the throne was painted by Gregory DavidovicOpsic in 1781.

                The people who live in this little place claim that it was the place of birth of VukIsakovic, one of Serbia`s most famous lieutenant colonel.

At the Danube bank in this place, there is a stone embankment with a steep slope as a dock for a local ferry which links Banostor and Begec. Local historians claim that this was the place where Roman Emperor Julius Cesar docked, while

Visiting his troops. Not far from there, there is a well- known fishing location and a settlement on the river bank called Begeckajama.

                This village of Sremhas been known for winemaking for ages. Thanks to this long tradition, Banostor is a host the most important touristic event in the Municipality of Beocin - Banostor wine days held every first weekend in September.