Bačko Novo Selo




Settlement name

Bačko Novo Selo


1228 inhabitants

Area (municipality of Bač)

367 km²

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 17‘22"N, 19° 08‘ 17"E

Height of settlement centre

80 m


Bačko Novo Selo (Serbian Cyrillic: Бачко Ново Село) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Bač municipality, South Bačka District, Vojvodina province. The village has a Serb ethnic majority and its population numbering 1,228 people (2002 census).

Bačko Novo Selo is located along the bank of the Danube, which makes it especially attractive and desirable for sightseeing. Therefore it is located on the Danube has a very beautiful natural environment, with high degree of preservation and protection of natural resources.

Bačko Novo Selo is marked in the map of the Danube and through this village passes the International cycling path Euro Velo 6.

Nowadays in Bačko Novo Selo live 1036 villagers of different ethnic communities. The villagers live mainly in the traditional rural way; deal exclusively in agriculture, fishing and various crafts, which is logical for places on Danube and it could also be interesting to tourists as part of their visit to the village. During their visit tourists may be involved in performing everyday and rural activities, so they could fill this experience.

Near the village there is a set of rich cultural - historical heritage on the relatively small area that is certainly is worth to visit. Then it could be offered the Danubian hunting ground, bird watching and photo - safari. All of these settings and many other are the reasons why the Backo Novo Selo village could become an attractive destination on Danube and in Vojvodina.



Bačko Novo Selo
Bačko Novo Selo
Bačko Novo Selo
Bačko Novo Selo
Bačko Novo Selo