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Health Tourism

  • spa, wellness services, open air swimming pool:

Special hospital for rehabilitation "Junaković": http://www.banja-junakovic.rs/

Cultural Tourism

  • Regular cultural programmes:


International Sculpture Meeting  in Apatin “Meander “: http://www.kultura-vojvodina.org.rs/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=47&Itemid=88

Festival of unconventional theatre plays, Apatin:  http://www.kultura-vojvodina.org.rs/index.php?option=com_jcalpro&Itemid=99999999&extmode=view&extid=61

Festival of Independent Films Danube countries “Profest”, Apatin, Junaković spa: http://www.kultura-vojvodina.org.rs/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=807&Itemid=69

Lički all-round competition : http://www.lickiviseboj.com/

Eco tourism, excursions

Tourism and recreation complex “Green head” : http://zelenaglava.com/

Special Nature Reserve “Gornje podunavlje”: http://www.gornjepodunavlje.info/

Gastro tourism

  • gastronomic programme

Apatin night fishing : http://www.vojvodinaonline.com/sr/detalji_festivali.php?id=1028&look=1


  • Rowing:

International Danube rowing  TID regatta, Bogojevo: http://www.ico.rs/55-medunarodna-dunavska-regata-danas-u-bogojevu/   

  • Fishing:

Profi Cup in sport fishing, singles competition: http://www.vojvodinaonline.com/sr/detalji_festivali.php?id=546&look=1

Other Services

  • pharmacy shop


  • doctor’s office


  • tourist information bureau




Čarda Zlatna kruna: http://www.zlatnakruna.co.rs/

Barbecue restaurant with accommodation „Kraljevski vrt”:http://www.kraljevskivrt.com/

lodging vila Jelena: http://www.vjelena.com/

lodging vila Duda: http://www.381info.com/apatin/vile/vila-duda



Settlement name


Population (town)

19320 inhabitants

Area (municipality)

349 km2

Administrative status

Town, municipality

Location of settlement centre

45°40'N, 18°59' E

Height of settlement centre

86 m


Along the left bank of the Danube, nearly at the half of its flow from source to mouth, is founded town Apatin, which today is the seat of the homonymous municipality. In addition to Apatin municipality are 4 more villages of rural character (Prigrevica, Sonta, Kupusina and Svilojevo). Apatin is located in north-western Bačka, with the river Danubeas the eastern boundary of its territory, in the north it borders with the municipality of Sombor, whil in the south is in touch with the territory of the municipality of Odžaci.

Natural resources such as the Danube, fertile soil, forests along the river, abundant fish and wildlife were the main reason for settlement in this region, from the earliest period of human history. For settlement Apatin Danube river has greath importance.With the constructions of the channal Danube-Tisa-Danube, position of Apatin on waterways has become even more prominent. Through the Apatin passes several different ways of important roads, of which the most distinguished is regional road R-101 that leads from Subotica, over Sombor, Apatin, Odžaci and Novi Sad to Belgrade. From Sombor, the largest city of West Bačka district, Apatin is at the distance of 17 kilometers. Abowe mentioned regional road from Apatin to Belgrade is long 180 kilometers and from Novi Sad 100 kilometers. 

The first written evidence are supporting the fact of existence of settlements in this region are dating from 1011st, so this year Apatin is celebrating an important anniversary of Apatin Millennium, which will be the backbone of all the events during this year. In the long history their mark have left various nations, from the earliest periods of the Celts, the Sarmatians, Jazigi, Goths and Huns and to the 6th century the Slavs settled. Hungarian settled in the ninth century.In the sixteenth century, namely in 1526, in this region came Turks, who conquered and ruled for 150 years. In the first half of the eighteenth centurz, in Apatin have been settled Germans and craftsmen, mostlz. Since that period Apatin has been built according to urban planning. The strongest impact on the demographics of today’s Apatin had a Serbian population colonizated after Second World War. The last significant migration occured in 1995, when in Apatin came refugees of Serbian nationalitz from then war- affected areas of the former Yugoslavia. 

Today Apatin is recognizable as a tourist destination. The backbone of tourism activities is the river Danube and Thermal spa Junaković. On the Danube in the last few years were carried out two major projects. In mid-2009 was opened international marina, the most modern in the country, with the capacity of 400 berths, 8 studio apartments, 145 cabins, restaurants, shop, nautical gear store, gas station on land and water, and more.The pier for cruise ships is another capital project that was implemented in Apatin on „Blue Highway“. Stationed at the „Live Danube“ a few hundreds meters away from the international marina next to the  tavern „Golden crown“ and was made in accordance with European standards for river cruise ships docking.

Special Nature Reserve "Gornje Podunavlje" is a protected natural area. Basic characteristics of the reserve are flooded vast forests, numerous backwaters, canals, ponds, meadows and a rich flora and fauna. In particular, wealth makes ornitho fauna with over 280 species of birds, including some species such as black stork and white-tailed eagle are a real rarity, since they are on any international lists of endangered.

Spa Junaković - special hospital for rehabilitation began with the work of the 1983rd The thermal springs were discovered in 1913 and was confirmed by analyzing its chemical composition, that they are identical to the composition of thermal waters of Karlovy Vary, Harkany and Lipik. Spa has an accommodation capacity of 270 beds, a large restaurant and two halls for seminars. The complex also includes an indoor thermal pool, a large number of open pools of different depth and water temperature, diving board and water slide.

Tourist attractive anthropogenic values ​​are mostly concentrated in the main pedestrian area, which dates from the early twentieth century. With its beauty and significance particularly attractive is Building of the municipality of Apatin with elements of Art Nouveau and the Church of the Assumption, which is decorated in the style of “Danube baroque". Parliament Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles was built in the pedestrian area of ​​the Danube and to its size and wealth of the silicate facade of brick in the Serbian-Byzantine style represents a very attractive building.

Bathing tourism, which is implemented in the already mentioned spa also exists on the beach in the branch at the motel where on sand with all the facilities could be spent unforgettable moments. On the beach is built a very modern restaurant with a rich gastronomic offer. Beach is at the initiative of local authorities proposed for a category of "Blue Flag" which is a guarantee of high quality. Walking tours can be implemented at three locations and paths designed for this type of activity. Two are located along the Danube and the total long oko1300 meters, while the third is constructed with an even Junaković forest.


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