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Settlement name



2.254 inhabitants


116, 89 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°36’0” N, 27°51’0” E

Height of settlement centre

21 m


Geographical Location:  The Commune is situated on the National Road DN 3B, 48 km far from Slobozia Municipality, on the Borcea Danube branch.

Area Specific Activities: Animals and birds farming, Fishing on Borcea Branch, Two Hunting Stocks Exploitation

The natural conditions determined the settlement economic activity. The grazing fields situated along the terrace, especially within the pond area have been populated by Transylvanian shepherds, who were here bringing the cattle for the winter stay. People inhabiting this area succeed in coping with the Baragan inclement climate presenting a Saharan feature during the summer and a Siberian one during winter, and facing also the history hostilities.

As for any other settlements located on the Borcea Branch, fishing meant a food but also an income source.

Within Vladeni many tools have been found (angling lines, harpoons, net weights) attesting an ancient and also stable inhabiting of the area. The settlement attesting document, lasting since the XV century, mentions this inhabitants occupation within the villages located on Borcea Branch.

Many sources mention the backwaters and ravines present in the pound area, the most important references addressing the Vladeni mountain lake, drained in 1951.

The villages located along the Ialomita Valley and Borcea Branch knew a long pasturing activity. The favourable climate, large grazing fields presented a real attraction for the Transylvanian shepherds, who in time settled here and developed permanent settlements. The Commune Vladeni demonstrated also this kind of pastoral origin, here can be heard the famous pastoral legend of Vlad the shepherd who settled in this area.

In memoriam of the heroes died on the battle fields during The First World War, commune residents have built a memorial monument in November 1936.

Tourist Objectives:

Agro-Tourism – Cabana Vanatorului (Hunter Chalet)

The Blagodeasca Archeology Site

The WWI Heroes Memorial

Source: http://vladeni.do.am/