Settlement name



4897 inhabitants


74,85 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

Height of settlement centre

43°44’N,  25°15’ E

80 m




Suhaia is a commune in the county Teleorman, situated on the left bank of the Danube, at a distance of 13 km from the town Zimnicea, 40 km from Alexandria and 42 km from Turnu Magurele, in tha Boiana Field. The altitude is of 80 m in the north side and 20 m in the south, in the Danube Meadow.

The village is one of the oldest settlements in Romania. The lake and the village initially belonged to the Cotlomuz Monastery from the Mount Athos (1496). It was first attested in 1512.

The artificial lake Suhaia, situated in the south-west of the village, that has a surface of 1313 hectares and is a avifauna protected area. The vegetation of the lake generated a fauna similar to the one in the Danube Delta.

The main occupations of the inhabitants are: agriculture, animal raising, light industry, trade and fishing.

Main touristic objectives:

  • The lake Suhaia – avifauna reservation of national interest.
  • The Danube

Events: Annual fair  - 14th October, Religious festivity: Sf. Constantin and Elena – 25th May