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Settlement name



1820 inhabitants


134,83 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.2287, 27.5355

Height of settlement centre

31 m


Geografical location: Stelnica Commune is located on the left bank of the Danube River, between Borcea and Dunarea Veche Danube Branches, in the South-Eastern part of Ialomita County. The town area is 13.483 ha, encompassing two villages, Stelnica and Maltezi.

The locality territory is situated within the hydrographical basin of the Danube River. Concerning the relief, the locality belongs to the area of Dawn Stream Danube Meadow and to Hagieni Tableland, with medium altitudes of 7-8 m.

The first documentary attesting is dated on the 15th of January 1467, under the Slavonic name of Steanca, made by a document issued by Radu cel Frumos, Voivode of Tara Romaneasca, who was the brother of the Voivode Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impalor).

The archeological excavations performed within the area revealed material evidences of the Coşlogeni Culture, dated since the Late Bronze Epoch, years of 1400-1180 b. C.

The access toward Stelnica is made by the National Roads 3A and 3B, and also by the Communal Roads 35 and 9. The accessibility of the commune is supported by the Anghel Saligny Bridge over Danube, located on the National Road 3A.

Tourist Objectives:

-          Natural Reservation of Thicket Canton Forest (Padurea Canton Hatis) – forestry reservation. It covers an area of 6,4 ha, having an exceptional importance for the conservation of some greyish oak trees with ages between 150 and 300 years, but the majority of them (90 %) being around 300 years old, which is an extreme rare thing for the area. The area has a Genetic  Reservation Regime.

-          The Museum of the Village

-          The Archaeology Museum

-          The “Saint Pantelimon” Church

-          The “Saint John The Baptist” Church

-          The Monument dedicated to the Aircraft Heroes in the 1916-1918 war.

Local events: The Harvest Day, The Country Festival, Te Beer Festival.