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Settlement name



1130  inhabitants


90,46  km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45°29N  27°56E

Height of settlement centre

45 m


Geographical location: The Commune Smârdan is situated in the Western part of Tulcea County, being delimitated by the following localities: the communes I. C. Bratianu and Jijila and the town Macin. In West of it flows the Danube River. The commune is traversed by the National Road 22. The distance between the Tulcea Municipality and the Smârdan Commune is 89 km long, while the distance toward Braila Municipality is 2 km long.

Touristic Objectives:

-          The willow and poplar forest situated on the bank of Macin Channel;

-          The “Piatra fetei” (“The Girl’s Stone”) Lake situated near the National Road     DN 22 – very attractive place for fishing fans;

-          Macinului Mountains – the oldest mountain chain in Europe, nowadays established as a National Park – at 13 km far from the Commune;

-          The beach and forest located on the right bank of Danube River toward the Commune I.C. Bratianu, a very requested place during the summer;

-          On the Danube River bank, on the place where in 1877 the monitor “Duba-Seifty” has been drawn by the marine craft of the “Randunica” boat, a commemorative monument was built in 1894 and restored in 1977, dedicated to the heroism of the group of Romanians fighting for their country independence.

Local Events: Each summer, on the 5th of August, the Festival of Smârdan is organized, gathering all the inhabitants of the Commune.

Investment Projects: The rehabilitation of the protection dyke on the 14 km route Smârdan-Macin, the development of a natural gases distribution network, roads modernization, sewerage network development.                                                                                                                                                              

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