Settlement name



2579 inhabitants


105,70 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°39N, 21°51E

Height of settlement centre

69 m


The village is situated in the south of Banat, on the Danube, 6 km from DN 57 linking Orsova with Moldova Noua. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Danube Bank.

Tourist attractions:

  • Gornea Village Museum - includes many objects from archaeological sites and archaeological reserves around Gornea;
  • Villa Rustica - archaeological site;
  • Polevii Valley Water Cave - 3.2 ha reserve which is part of the Portile de Fier National Park;
  • Water mills - at half miles out of Sicheviţa, there are the 100 years old water mills;
  • Gornea monastery;
  • Rustic wooden homes.

Local events: Folk celebration - May 9th to 10th at Gornea, Folk celebration - the day of Pentecost, Sicheviţa, Fairs fortnightly - the first and third Sunday of the month.

Accommodation and food: Caunita guest house(***)