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Website Introducing the Settlement:  http://www.info-delta.ro/localitatea-sfantu-gheorghe---judetul-tulcea-p115.html, http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sf%C3%A2ntu_Gheorghe,_Tulcea


Health Tourism

  • Beach

http://www.deltasfantugheorghe.ro/home_ro , http://www.romania-tourist.info

Cultural and Conference Tourism

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  • Monasteries, churches:

http://www.tulcea.djc.ro/Obiective.aspx?lacas=true, http://www.obiective-turistice.ro

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  • Ramsar sites, Natura 2000, Nature protection area:

http://www.ddbra.ro/#, http://www.delta-dunarii.info/, http://www.deltadunarii.ro/, http://www.info-delta.ro/delta-dunarii-17/, http://natura2000.eea.europa.eu/Natura2000/SDFPublic.aspx?site=ROSPA0031, http://natura2000.mmediu.ro/site/6/rosci0065.html

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http://www.deltasfantugheorghe.ro/trasee_turistice_ro, http://www.ddbra.ro/#

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Water tourism

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Settlement name

Sfântu Gheorghe


857  inhabitants


72,92 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.883, 29.6

Height of settlement centre

4 m


Sfântu Gheorghe is a village in the commune of the same name located in the eastern county of Tulcea, the historic region of Dobrogea, on the left side of the oldest branch of the Danube, Sfântu Gheorghe, near the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. Sfântu Gheorghe is the only village in the Danube Delta where one can see with the naked eye both the Danube and the Black Sea. The village is located 120 km away from the county seat, Tulcea, and 35 km away from the town of Sulina.

The village is accessible only by ship, from the port of Tulcea (Tulcea – Sfântu-Gheorghe 4h), port of Mahmudia (Mahmudia – Sfântu-Gheorghe 2h 30’) or port of Murighiol (Murighiol – Sfântu-Gheorghe 2h).

The town of Sulina can also be accessed from Sfântu Gheorghe by land, on the seawall. This settlement was first mentioned on the Genovese Visconti’s map in the 14th century, as the community of San-Giorgio.

Inhabitants’ main occupation is fishing, which provides them with food and is the main source of income. Besides fishing, other important occupations are tourism and navigation. In terms of economic importance, the village of Sfântu Gheorghe is the largest producer of reed in the country.

The settlement is also important for tourism due to its beach, the island of Sakhalin where very rare species of birds live, Erenciuc channel – the only one reserve of common alder in Erurope. These last years, tourism has seen a strong development. The area has great natural potential, as it is located within the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, included by the UNESCO program Man and Biosphere (site RAMSAR) and on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List as well as the site Natura 2000.

Tourist attractions:

  • the Black Sea beach – an impressive stretch of the finest sand;
  • the Danube Delta and the natural reserve of Sakhalin – Zătoane located south of Sfântu Gheorghe commune on an area of about 21,000 ha neighbouring the coast. The southern side of the Danube Delta is a succession of banks with isolated lakes, swamps, river and brackish waters, sandy ponds crossed by parallel dunes and reeds. The lakes are places of transit, stop and hatching for swans, white, red and yellow herons, ibisses and spoon bills;
  • the Dolphin miniport and holliday village hosts the International Festival of Independent Film the “ANONYMOUS”, held in August. It includes three sections: feature films, short fiction films and short animated films;
  • the lighthouse (50 meters high), built in 1967;
  • the Orthodox Church built at the end of the 19th century.

A variety of trips to visit the surrounding areas can be taken from the village: to the small delta at the mouth of Sf. Gheorghe branch, where Sakhalin islands are formed or to Sulina, both by water and land, even by bike (approximately 30km) or to the northwest, to Roșu-Puiu lakes where one can admire the strictly protected grove Erenciuc and the colonies of birds or can fish in the channels.

The village offers accommodations in boarding houses – Delfinul Holiday Village – 4 stars, as well as rooms in villagers’ houses.

Although the villagers walk on young land, their customs and traditions come from ancient times and are piously kept: Vecera - Christmas Eve, old calendar Christmas, old calendar New Year, Memorial Easter (celebrating the dead), Feast of the village, the “Anonymous” Film Festival, in August 9 to 15.            


www.primariasfantugheorghe.ro, www.wikipedia.ro, http://sfantu-gheorghe.ro/ http://www.tourismguide.ro/tgr/complex_delfinul_delta_dunarii_728.php


Sfantu Gheorghe
Sfantu Gheorghe
Sfantu Gheorghe
Sfantu Gheorghe
Sfantu Gheorghe