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Settlement name



2250 inhabitants


150,00 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°23′N 28°4′E

Height of settlement centre

37 m


Geographic Location: The Seimeni Commune is located in the North-Western side of the Constanta County, on the road connecting Cernavoda to Saraiu; it is limited by Capidava in North, Cernavoda town in South, the communes Silistea and Crucea in East and by the Danube River water course in West.

The territory of the commune is crossed by the County Road 223 Cernavoda-Seimeni-Saraiu.

The commune is electric power supplied and 9 main streets can be seen within it perpendicular on the County Road 223, concentrated in the Civic Center area of the commune and in the villages Seimenii Mici and Dunarea.

Activities Specific To The Area: Agriculture, Commerce, Fishing, Agroturism.

Tourist Objectives:

  • The fossil-bearing site of “Movila Banului” covering an area of 4 ha, situated at the entrance in the Dunarea village.
  • The Roman Camps located in Ramadanu, the village of Seimenii Mici
  • A pilgrimage place for the Christian believers is the pace called “CRUCEA” (the Cross) situated in Seimenii Mici village, where a saint woman is supposed to be buried, a place where miracles may happened. During the dried times, the Orthodox priests are performing here religious services especially for  bringing the rain.
  • The Seimeni Commune is situated in close vicinity of CAPIDAVA Fortress.
  • The Seimeni recreation area.
  • The Lakes Domneasca, Tibrinu, The Danube Meadow and the Danube River water course.

Facilities offered to the investors: Law prices for the leased lands, The Access to the Danube River, The trading market