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Settlement name



800 inhabitants


30,49 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°16’45”N, 28°10’39” E

Height of settlement centre

50 m


In regard of the geographical location of the commune, an important aspect is the location on the left bank of the Danube-Black Sea Channel. It is located in the western part of the county of Constanta, in Medgidia Plateau, specifically in Carasu Valley subunit, with a maximum altitude of up to 50 m. The general appearance is of a limestone plain which is covered with thick deposits of loess. Saligny commune administration includes Saligny villages, Făclia and Stefan cel Mare. In the past, the commune was called Aziza. The current name of the village is a reminder of the civil engineer Anghel Saligny, whose activity is related to the construction site unfolded over the commune’s territory, during the construction period for the bridge and the Anghel Saligny railway station from Stefan cel Mare village.

The railway linking Constanta to Cernavoda was among the first built ones which were built in Romania, at the end of the XIXth century. Specific activities to this area are those related to trading. Although the sights do not have a touristic importance that would sustain more than the transit tourism, there is a significant fishery potential which can supports a niche tourism that is currently promoted through the improving local infrastructure by road reconstruction, water supply and sports hall development in Saligny commune.