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Administrative status

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3110 inhabitants

112,80 km2


44°45'N, 21°37'22"E,

110 - 130m


Pojejena is situated in Clisura Dunarii, on the left bank of the Danube, at a distance of 12 km from Moldova Noua. In is bordered by the village Macesti in the South-East, by the village Radimna in the North-West, and by the village Susca in the West. In the East, it is bordered by mountain tops of max. 300 m. height. The altitude of the area is not more than 110-130 m. It is one of the most important settlements in Clisura Dunarii. The main part of its inhabitants are Serbs.

Main touristic objectives:

  • The avi-fauna protected area Divici - Pojejena, which include the bank of the river, 5 ponds, and the areas of aquatic vegetation.
  • Radimna pond, situated on the bank of the Danube, close to the villages Pojejena and Susca, Caras Severin county. It has a surface of 80 ha, ant it is mostly covered with vegetation in summer, its level depending on the level of the Danube.
  • The Pojejena pond, artificially created after the „Portile de Fier I” hydrotechnical dam was built.
  • The Pojejena roman castrum, 7th Legion Claudia, 5th  catafractata Gallorum et Pannoniorum;
  • The Danube Gulch


  •  „Masuratoarea oilor la Sfantu’ Gheorghe” – each sheep owner goes to the sheepfold, together with his whole family, dressed in traditional outfit. There, the sheep are milked, and the sheep which gives the greatest quantity of milk is awarded with a garland of flowers.
  • “Farşancul” – carnival.


  • Hotel "Luisa" **- Radimna
  • Radima Chalet – belongs to the Forest local authority, hosts groups that come for hunting and fishing