Poiana Mare



Settlement name

Poiana Mare


12800 inhabitants


163,94 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43°55N, 23°04E

Height of settlement centre

42 m


Located a few kilometers away from the Danube, Poiana Mare had a great significance in the history. Prince of Serbia, Milos Obrenovic, Poiana Mare - Desa domains owner, hosted in Poiana Mare the Romanian Ruler of that time, Alexander Ghica. The two have completed the first economic agreement between the two countries, called in history "Poiana Mare salt Convention".
Poiana Mare is a locality in Dolj County, Oltenia, Romania, the fourth largest in Romania. The locality is 13 km from Calafat, 80 km from Craiova and 8 km from the Desa.

Tourist attractions:

The main tourist attraction of the locality is the forest Ciurumela - Poiana Mare (5 km. Of Poiana Mare, on the Route 55A Calafat, Bechet-Cernavoda), forest reserve, an ancient forest of acacias, appreciated for the quality of the wood and the trees size. The 100 years old forest covers an area of ​​8-10 ha.

Other tourist attractions:

  •  Orthodox Church "Sf Voievozi" was built in 1849;
  •  The house of Milos Obrenovic - local historic interest. The prince Milos Obrenovic 1830 - 1835, is the founder of modern Serbia. Obrenovic Serbian Prince is the one who gave the name of the village (Poiana Mare).

Local events:

  • Weekly fair - every Friday



Poiana Mare