Piscu Vechi



Official Website: http://primariapiscuvechi.ro/

Website Introducing the Settlement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piscu_Vechi




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Piscu Vechi

2951 inhabitants

28,15 km2


43°54’N,  23°10’ E

24 m


The commune Piscu Vechi includes two villages: Piscu Vechi and Pisculet. It is situated in the south of the county Dolj, and it is bordered by the Danube in the South, by the commune Poiana Mare in the west, by the commune Ghidici in the east and by the commune Seaca de Camp in the north.

The main activity of the inhabitants is agriculture, mainly farming and animal raising.

The commune is situated in the Danube meadow, characterised by the presence of varieties of water loving trees, poplars and willows, grazing lands and moving sands, settled with plantation of acacias.

Main touristic objectives:

  • The church “Sfantul Nicolae”


  • Annual festivity of the commune „Inaltarea Pisului” – on Ascension