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Settlement name



2150 inhabitants


55,51 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45°00′29″N 28°08′43″E

Height of settlement centre

33 m


The Geographical Location: The Commune Peceneaga is situated in the South-Western side of Tulcea County, on the right branch of Danube river (the Macin Branch), 70 km far from Tulcea city and 40 km far from Macin town. The commune is limited in its Northern side by  the Turcoaia Commune, in East by the Dorobantu Commune, the Ostrov Commune in South and by the Danube river branch in West.

For the first time Peceneaga was mentioned by the Turkish registers in 1573. In 1880 the elementary school and in 1882 the commune City Hall have been built.

Area Specific Activities: Agriculture, Agrotourism, Fishing.

Tourist Objectives: The Peceneaga Nature Reservation.

The oldest geological structures, including green shale coming in contact with the Danube River. It brings to the meeting point the newest geological formations, represented by alluvial deposits.

Within the reservation is present a broad range of rare, protected by law plants and flowers, and steppe birds living together with birds having as habitat the wet lands.

The Local Events: 8 November – The Peceneaga Commune Festive Day.

The Folkloric Adobe Peceneaga

23 december – “Pe luceaea Dunarii”(On Danube’s Shining) Carols Festival

Incentives offered to the investors: Picturesque fishing places, Land for building the tourism objectives.