Ostrov (Tulcea)



Stema Tulcea

Settlement name



2244 locuitori


118,79 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°56′N 28°09′E

Height of settlement centre

6 m


Geographical Location: The Commune Ostrov is situated in the Western side of Tulcea County. The distance toward Macin town is 45 km long, while towards Tulcea municipality, administrative and political center of Tulcea County, is 85 km long. Ostrov commune encompasses the following settlements: Ostrov, as commune seat, and Piatra.

The access way to the commune is provided by the National Road Bucharest-Harsova and the County Road DJ22F.

Tourist Attractions:

-          The Beroe Fortress including 2 sites;

-          The “Riomar” Halting Place, located on the Macin Danube Branch.

The Commune presents some great interest tourist objectives. The most important of them is the Beroe Fortress, situated on the Danube bank, 3 km far from the Ostrov Commune. The excavations performed here during 1970, revealed three habitation levels: the first one lasts till in the VI  Century after Christ, followed by two huts levels, dated during the X-XI Centuries.

The researches performed during June-July 1998 brought to the light some items extremely valuable both for archeologists and for our country history: pots, tureens, rushlights, clay buckets. Some other items may be added to them, as amphorae and some pieces of enameled vessels – painted and graffiti decorated – covering the XI century and the beginning of the next century. The discoveries register is completed by several tools – fusaioles and bone handles and jewel objects – beads and bracelets made of glass ware paste, defining the image of a modest Byzantian settlement.

Tourism and Agro-Tourism are the other fields that could become viable by modernizing the accommodation units and by putting into the light the existent archeological sites. Funds are necessary for developing boarding houses, leisure centers, holiday units, repose units, etc.

Source: http://www.primariaonline.ro/judet-Tulcea/primarie-Ostrov