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Settlement name



3036 inhabitants


117,67 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.169042, 27.668179

Height of settlement centre

11 m


Geographic Location: Oltina Commune is situated in the South-Western part of Constanta County in the Danube Meadow, on the Eastern bank of Oltina Lake, 105 km far from Constanta Municipality, 40 km from Cernavoda Town and 18 km from Baneasa Town. The Commune encompasses the following villages: Oltina, as the seat of the Commune, Razoarele, Satu Nou, Strunga.

Specific to the Area Activities: Agriculture, Animal Breading, Pisciculture.

Tourist Objectives:

-       The Commune is featured by a high continuity and habitation density archeological attested during a time period of 5 milleniums, since the end of the Neolithic till nowadays.

-       Vestiges of the antique settlement Altium have been discovered on the Commune territory. The archeology research revealed the vestiges of a large camp, surrounded by an earth wave, the archeology site “The Altium Fortess”, with the kilns for pottery burning, the cremation necropolis, tumuli ensembles, the traces of rural settlements since the Roman Epoch (I-IV Centuries) and the Early Feudal Epoch.

-       In Oltina there are remarkable forested areas. The forests from Ostrovu Iepurasu  and Lunca Dunarii, on the banks of Oltina and Iortomac Lakes are featured by the vegetation and fauna great diversity. The forests Cetatea and Bratca have been declared as Nature Reservations.

-       The Nature Reservation Oltina Lake, with its depression bordered by sharp slopes, covers an area of 2.290 ha being the largest fluvial lagoon in the country. Toward the Danube, the depression is closed by a defense dyke against the flood.

-       The national Cultural Heritage of local interest encompasses the churches lined by wooden board, included on the protected monuments list.

-       The Church in Satu Nou is the single ritual church maintained in its original form.

-       Values of the culture heritage are also the crosses within the churches precincts in Satu Nou and Oltina, remarkable for their shape, decorations and inscriptions variety, and the seven fountains in Oltina built in the XIX Century.

Local Events: “The Feast of Oltina” – celebrated on the second day after the Eastern, The Harvest Day – celebrated on the first Sunday of October.

Facilities Offered to the Investors: lands both in intravillage and extravillage, The hunting and fishing fond, Trained labour.                                                                                             

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