Stema Modelu


Settlement name



9.804 inhabitants


111,71 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°12’0”N, 27°22’59”E

Height of settlement centre

20 m


Geographical location: The commune of Modelu is located in the south of Calarasi County on the left bank of Borcea branch. The commune of Modelu has an area of ​​14,407.68 hectares and includes three villages: Modelu, Tonea and Radu Negru. From an administrative point of view Modelu stretches over 30 km on the north-south direction.

Modelu village, the seat of the commune of the same name, is located 3 km away from Calarasi city center, on the left bank of Borcea branch. Modelu village includes three development units indicating the historic stages of the village:

Cadana Parish, is the oldest terraced settlement in Modelu village; it is located in the north-eastern side of the village and dates from around 1834-1835; it was established by the displaced inhabitants of the former village of Tramsani, now lost. The name of Cadana (the Odalisque) comes from the first woman who settled down here and who was Turkish. Some says that she had a shop around which the other inhabitants have settled down. The particularity of this part of the village is its irregular streets network, o consequence of the chaotic settlement of people in this place.

The second oldest settlement after Tramsani is Tonea village. Bauer mention it in his geographical description of Ialomita County, between 1768 and 1774, as part of Lichiresti estate. The settlement located east of Calarasi is certainly munch older.

Tourist attractions: Radu Negru Monastery  is located in the commune of Modelu, 2 km away from the national road DN3A Calarasi-Slobozia; it was built between 1909 and 1913, and it’s dedicate to St. George –  "Sfantul Mare Mucenic Gheorghe"; the chapel "Sfantul Arhidiacon Stefan" was built in Byzantine style.

Local events: Epiphany Day on Borcea bank. Different forms of old and new folklore - textures, sewings, dances, songs, moanings etc. - can be found in Modelu Commune.