Settlement name



3100 inhabitants


61,12 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44° 51’0” N, 27° 58’ 0” E

Height of settlement centre

7 m



The Măraşu commune is in the southeast of Braila county, at 65 km from the city of Braila, in the Great Island of Braila, on the one from two arms that surround it, the Old Danube.  The commune occupies the territory between the county road 212A that crosses the island and the Danube - Vâlciu arm, and the villages in its composition are Măraşu, Băndoiu, Ţăcău, Magureni and Plopi.

The link between the five villages is difficult, on the earth dam or on the earth road, only with communal road Băndoiu-Măraşu achieved through SAPARD program in 2004. The Link with localities from Frecăţei is on earth road. Only the Access to Lake Blasova from road 212A is on gravel road.

Măraşu commune was founded between 1810-1812, an evidence of its age and of the population of this hamlet is a church built of wood, straw and earth, shaped chapel, which lasted until 1897-1898, when floods destroyed it. As a reminder of this church is still preserved today an old icon in a willow burrow in the middle of the cemetery, where residents often make their prayers. After 1890 the village surroundings began to be populated, and in 1900, the town numbered 20 families.

The territory of Măraşu is the beneficiary of a natural offer very favorable for agricultural development as the basic economic function with a complex profile, dominated by the production of grain crops and livestock breeding. In the village there are 29 farms with a dominant agricultural profile. In industries there is only a corn mill operating in the village Măraşu. Other specific activities in the area are fishing and manufacturing wicker.

The major attractions in the area are the Big Island of Braila which is declared National Park and Natural Park "Small Pond of Braila", surrounded by the Danube arms. Also, natural lakes Zaton and Blasova are targets of interest for recreational tourism. The existence of these sights offer high potential for agrotourism development in the area.

The most important local event is the commune celebration on October 26.                 

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