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Settlement name



6236 inhabitants


123, 54 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°12′38″N, 26°53′41″E

Height of settlement centre

15 m


Manastirea Commune is located in the southern extremity of the Calarasi County, in the Danube Meadow, at 95 km from Bucharest, 30 km from the city of Oltenita and at 40 km from Calarasi, the Capital City of Calarasi County, on National Road No. 1. The area is encompassed by the field relief of the Campia Romana, being located in the South-Eastern part of Mostistea Mountain Lake, 15 km far from the Danube river. Manastirea Commune includes three villages: Manastirea, Coconi and Sultana.

In the old times, the commune name was Cornatel, from the cornel trees forest existent here. The first and single documentary mentioning the Cornatel commune – nowadays Mânăstirea – is a document dated on the 1st of June 1526 issued by Radu de la Afumati, paper introducing Cornatelul as “boyar’s village”. On the 23rd of December 1575, Alexandru Voivod introduces Cornatelul in a manuscript as “town of my reign”, boyar’s town. During four decades Cornatelul evolved from the status of borough to the one of town. This was due to its location in an agriculture area having a very good land – at the edge of Campia Munteana (Munteana Field), toward the Danube Meadow, in the Mostistea area – area having many pounds rich of fish, pound wood forests. Cornatelul was the Stolnici (custom-house officers’) administrative centre surveying the fishing in the Danube waters and in the neighboring pounds. The fish were sent then from here on the “fish’s road” towards Bucharest and Ardeal in North and Bulgaria and Turkey in South – on the Danube River in the front of the settlement there was a passing ford towards Bulgaria.

The presence of Fish fair in Cornatel resulted in a general fair developed here over the years. Nowadays this fair is weekly developed, attended by people from Arges, Dambovita, Giurgiu counties or from Ardeal, trading fruits, vegetables, greens, wood and wood products.

The actual town name, Manastirea, comes from the monastery existing in the area.  The actual church was built in 1648 by Matei Basarab.

Mostitea Mountain Lake, having a rich fauna and surrounding areas of an astonishing picturesque ness, unfortunately unexploited by now.

Touristic objectives:

  • Coconi Peak – feudal graves;
  • Saint Dumitru Church – founded in 1648, by the voivode Matei Basarab;
  • Archeological site in Sultana – the oldest Neolithic settlement in Romania;
  • Malu Rosu;
  •  Alexandru Sahia Memorial House.

Local events: Cuckoo Birds Fest, Saint Dumitru Festival on 26th of October.