Settlement name



2557 inhabitants


39, 80  km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

Height of settlement centre

43°78’N,  25°71’ E

18 m




The village Malu in Giurgiu County, part of Vedea communr, is situated in the South-West of the Bumas Plane, on the left side of the Danube Valley, on the Pasarea river, on the boarder with Bulgaria. The village is situated at 14 km to Giurgiu, on the National Road DN 5C Giurgiu-Zimnicea.

The name „Malu” comes from the hills (in Old Romanian „mal”) situated in the South-East of the village, which have been used as quarries of ground that the inhabitants used for the construction of houses for a long time.

Malu is a very ancient settlement, from the times of the Turkish occupation, having a common history with Slobozia and Giurgiu. The old men are not able to say when it was funded. It is said that it was owed by a rich Turkish called Ismail Efendi, but this fact was not certified in any document. In the West side of the village there is a road called „Via lui Ismail Efendi”, which is owed nowadays by several inhabitants.

The main occupation of the locals is agriculture, animal raising and fishing.

Main touristic objectives:

  • The church „Sf. Ioan Botezatorul si Sfanta Treime” (1880)


  • The village festivity – 30th October