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Stema Tulcea

Settlement name



992  inhabitants


263,7  km2

Administrative status

Village common residence

Location of settlement centre

45° 10’ N, 29° 6’ E

Height of settlement centre



Maliuc common is located in the central zone of Danube Delta on Sulina arm in Tulcea county, historical region Dobrogea. Component villages of the common are Maliuc-common residence, Gorgova, Ilganii de Sus, Partizani and Vulturu.

Access to the localities is only naval. Maliuc is about 25km away from Tulcea municipality, on the Sulina arm of the Danube, on the eastern limit of Maliuc isle, near 24miles. It can be reached by land (by car) from Nufăru locality, located on the Sfantu Gheorghe arm of the Danube river. From there by ferry to Partizani village and then a few kilometers on a country road.

Maliuc is found in the western area of the Danube Delta, being also one of the places included in many of the tourist routes aimed in visiting the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation. Althgough the locality has only a few decades of history, it has been definitively sighen on the tourist maps as being an undisputed attractiont for those who spend their holidays in the heart of the Delta.

The Maliuc locality was founded by the communist authorities, in years 1950, as a colony for reed growers. Then, the communist authorities have made an island from the alluvium removed from the Danube river at the confluence of Cranjala Channel with Sulina Channel. On the island were built further buildings  that will come to be the first reed research station in our country.

This experiment at Maliuc left behind doesens of workers and their families, who had been forcely moved in the heart of the Delta. Although some went to Tulcea, many remained definitively in the former reed colony and so the current village Maliuc was born.

The common's population is very small, Romanian only, unlike the other villages of the Delta where you can find Russian Lipovan or Ukrainian people. The Lifestyle of the Maliuc's villagers does not differ much from the Lipovan or Ukrainian villages from Danube Delta. The main economic activities of the common are trade, tourism and fishing.

Maliuc was the first village from the Delta who thrived from tourism and is an important area regarding this aspect and also because of a major research institute of the flora and fauna. Many touristic routes dedicated to visiting the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve start from Maliuc. Besides observing birds and animals specific to the area, there are many other forms of entertainment (boat trips, canoe, etc...). In the area around village there are specific forests, streams and islands, reeds in abundance.

The Maliuc locality greets you with a rich offer of accommodations, 2/3 stars/daisys hotels and pensions, a special landscape and quality services. All the other villages of the Maliuc common have agrotourism as the main source of income, besides the Delta specific economic activities. The available hotels offer many deals as well as many area specific fish based dishes.

Among the possible activities you can count practicing season sports, sports fishing, sports hunting, relaxing on the sandy terraced beaches or simply admiring the beauty of the landscape.

The main touristic objectives of the area are: Fortuna lake (one of the largest lakes the Danube; pelican colonies or other species of wild birds can often see here) which has an area of 977,5 ha and Gorgova lake (renowned for the size and diversity of fish species and nesting places), which has an area of 1377,5 ha; The Maliuc locality is a starting point in a tourist route to Păpădia lake, Șontea lake, Litcov Channel (the longest channel in the delta).

Local events of the village are represented by nautical competition"Ivan Pațaichin".               

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