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Settlement name



5967 inhabitants


140,00 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45°18′N 28°9′E

Height of settlement centre

19 m


Geographic location: The Jijila Commune is situated in the North-Western part of Tulcea County, 69 km far from Tulcea City on the European Road E 87.

The nearest urban town is Macin, located 8 km far from the Commune. Jijila Commune encompasses the Jijila as seat of the commune and the Garvăn village. In Jijila have been revealed archeological traces old of thousands of years. On the commune territory Getic vestiges from Hallast have been revealed dating since the 4th – 3rd centuries b. C. and continuing in the following period of time. Also Roman and Early Feudal vestiges have been excavated here. The Commune Jijila was for the first time documentarily mentioned by the Russian war map developed for Dobrogea during the Russian-Turkish war in 1828-1829. 

Tourist Objectives: Many tourist objectives visited year by year by a large number of tourists can be found in Jijila Commune.

- The Dinogetia Fortress is mentioned for the first time by Ptolemy in his well known work “Geographia”. The Geta-Dacian and then Roman settlement was built during Diocletian Emperor time, and in 559 after Christ has been destroyed by a Hunnish-Bulgarian tribe and restored later during the X-XII Centuries. The fortress has been discovered during the archeological researches initiated in 1939 and resumed after the second World War. From the fortress existent in the X-XII Centuries there is still the precincts wall, 3 m thick, guarded by 14 towers. Within the precincts there are the ruins of a basilica, the most important and oldest one on our country territory, also the traces of some roads, agricultural and domestic tools, indicating the military role of the fortress. Dinogetia is the oldest feudal town archeologically attested on the Romania territory.

- The Macin Mountains National Park, another important tourist objective. The park limit is considered as the contact alignment between the forestry fond included into the park and the agriculture lands or the grasslands belonging to the surrounding localities. The National Park of the Macin Mountains is contiguous in North to the administrative territory of Jijila commune, covering a total area of 11.321 ha. The protected area of Macin Mountains is located in one of the most remarkable nature region of Europe, being considered as a key component of the nature heritage of Romania and of the whole world. Its biodiversity richness, its size and location make this park one of the most important protected areas in the area.

-   The Natural Lake Jijila makes the Commune with the same name an important tourist area. It is a meadow lake covering an area of 12,32 km² and communicates with the Danube River by the Gârla Mare Stream. Ichtiology fauna: cat fish, carp, pike perch, river pirate.

- The village church having as patron the Saints Gheorghe and Dumitru was built in 1859.

- Sulucului Valley with the acacia forest.

- Cheia Peak with its slopes covered by lilac.

- Basica Peak.

Local Events: Each Sunday a market – fair is organized, where both the local producers and other individuals are exhibiting their products. The days of Jijia Commune on the 26 of October.

Investment projects: The Extension and Rehabilitation of the Water Supply Network, Sewing Network, The Roads Cobbling, The Rehabilitation of the Cultural House, Health Centre.                                                                                               

Source: http://www.info-delta.ro/localitatea-jijila---judetul-tulcea-p64.html