Settlement name



6840 inhabitants


96,41 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

Height of settlement centre

43°44’N 24°45’ E

27 m


Islaz is a commune in the county Teleorman, which includes 2 villages: Islaz and Moldoveni. It is situated in the south-west of the Boian field, in the Danube meadow, on the right bank of the river Olt, at its confluence with the Danube, at a distance of 10 km from the city Turnu Magurele. It is famous for the natural reservation Ostrovul Mare, located on the bank of the Danube.

The commune is also important from a historic point of view. In the period 9 – 21 June 1848,a great National Assembly was organized in Islaz, where Ion Eliade Radulescu presented to the people the revolutionary programme called “Proclamatia de la Islaz”, that stipulated, between others, the administrative and legislative independence of the province Tara Romaneasca, the emancipation of the peasants, the abolition of the feudal privileges, periodical elections of the lord every five years, political rights for all people, regardless of their religion or race, equal education for all the Romanians. The event marked the beginning of the 1848 Revolution in Tara Romaneasca.

Main touristic objectives:

  • The church „Sfintii Trei Ierarhi” (1835-1857)
  • The house Toma Ghigeanu, dating from the end of the 19th century,
  • The houseDumitru Gavanescu, dating from the middle of the 19th century
  • The church „Sf. Nicolae” (1830-1837)
  • The manor house, built in 1924
  • Inn from the second half of the 19th Century.
  • The Monument built in memory of the 1848 Revolution in Tara Romaneasca.
  • Traces of two roman castrae where discovered in Islaz, in the place called “Racovita”, and on the island Verdea. Traces of a settlement from the 2nd – 3rd Century where also discovered in the same place, where tha carvings revealed a treasure of Roman republican money.
  • The reservations „Ostrovul Calnovăţ", "Ostrovul Mare" and "Cormoranul Mic"


  • The annual festivity of the village – 9th June

Weekly fair, on Sunday