Settlement name



1373  inhabitants


8364 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

Height of settlement centre

44°46N, 22°28E

106 m



Ilovita is a commune situated in the Bahna Basin, on the South bottom of the Mountains Mehedinti, on the bank of the river Bahna. It is included in the natural parks Portile de Fier and Domogled – Valea Cernei. The village is special due to its landscapes, its relief, its climate, its hydrographic network and its vegetation.

Main touristic objectives, according to the List of National Patrimony, 2010 :

  • The Curchia, Lespezi and Duhovna hills, part of the „Portile de Fier” Natural Park
  • The Monument „Crucea” („The Cross”), written in Cyrillic, situated in the village Bahna – part of the commune Ilovita
  • Mill in the village Bahna, 1890
  • The house „Maria Ghita”, Bahna, 1880
  • Wooden house, „Lungu Ghita”, 1880
  • Fossil-bearing area, in Bagna, 10 ha.
  • Natural reservation Dealul Duhovnei, 50 ha, that protects the forest of hazels, mixed with holms.

Events: “Balul cu Izmene” – 30th January, “Balul Martisorului” in Bahna and Cimarca – 1st March, Traditional dance feast, Moisesti, 27th May, The Pentecost, the titular saint of the village Ilovita – 15th August, the titular saint of the village Bahna – 8th September, the titular saint of the village Moisesti – the Pentecost, the traditional dance festival “Fiii Satului” – last Sunday in July