Settlement name



2759 inhabitants


60,13 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

Height of settlement centre

44°46N, 22°28E

100 m



Hinova commune is located in the meadow and on the left terraces of the Danube and includes the villages: Bistrita, Carjei, Hinova, Ostrovu Corbului.
In this village was discovered in 1980 an archaeological treasure of more than 9639 pieces. Unlike most treasures, discovered by chance, it was fully recovered by archaeological research under the direct supervision of specialists. The entire treasure weighs five kilograms and is the greatest prehistoric treasure discovered in Romania.
It is believed that the treasure dates from the end of the Second Millennium BC. It was discovered as a result of systematic excavations that where done in the Roman castrum in Hinova.

Main touristic objectives:

  • Starmina Forest – Natura 2000 protected area, with a surface of 123 ha, with  numerous species of plants, declared natural monuments and protected by the law.
  • The Roman castrum in Hinova (4th-5th cent., Late Roman Age)
  • The church „Adormirea Maicii Domnului”, in Bistrita (1833-1836) – architectural monument
  • The church „Sfantul Gheorghe” in Hinova, (1892-1894) – architectural monument, the icons where painted by Friderich Weidinger;


  • Religious holiday – “Inaltarea Domnului – Ispasul” – 28 May
  • “Sarbatoarea salcamului” – 15 May

“Paparuda” – in June