Settlement name



1544  inhabitants


117,55  km2

Administrative status

Village residence of commune

Location of settlement centre

45.316 N, 28.2 E

Height of settlement centre

4 m


The Commune of Grindu is situated in the North-Western part of Tulcea County, in a zone known as “Cotul Pisici” (The Cat Bend). Grindu Commune encompasses a single village having the same name, Grindu, being in the same time the commune seat.

The Access to the Grindu Locality can be made both by water and by road. The distance on water to the County seat, the Town of Tulcea, is of 88 km and the road distance is of 69 km on the road DN 22 (E87).

The first settlements in this are dated since 1750, established by a population coming mainly from Moldova due to their refuse to subordinate to the Ottoman Empire representatives. The area where the settlement has been established was wild, almost completely insulated from the civilized world. The ancient name of the village was Pisica (The Cat), with two alternatives: the first one is that the origin of this name comes from the meander shape as a cat, the Danube has in the area; the second alternative and the most plausible one is that the settlers met here on this lands a lot of wild and extremely aggressive cats. Wild cats could be met till the great drying up, being one of the many species living on this habitat.

Situated on the Danube bank, Grindu fully benefits from this concourse; first of all by fishing, 7,9 % of the active population being involved in this activity. Remarkably, more than 80 % of the Romania sturgeon capture is performed in this area. In Grindu, the occupation of fisherman is a heritage from father to son. Following the dyke building and drying up many of the villagers   became agriculture workers and animal breeders, while the main economic activities are the agriculture, animal breeding and industrial fishing.

The most important Tourist Attractions in Grindu are Cotul Pisicii the largest Danube bend and also the place with the highest deep – more than 40 m. The commune administrative territory is encompassed by the Danube Delta SCI site (Special Community Interest Area) and the Razim-Sinoe Complex, including also a very small area of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation. Among the tourist objectives can be mentioned the Chapel with the monumental group – dedicated to the victims of the two World Wars, inhabitants if Grindu - and also to the victims of the navigation accident in Mogosoaia and the Ancient Church patronized by Saint Nicolae.

The commune local events are the Ancient Church Dedication Day – Saint Nicolae, the New Church Dedication Day – The Assumption of The Virgin, the Meeting with the Village Sons.