Settlement name



5635 inhabitants


87,7 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45.1896N 28.2346E

Height of settlement centre

20 m


The Greci commune is located in the northwest of Tulcea county and Dobrogea, at the foot of the oldest mountains in Europe, Macin Mountains, at 72 km from the capital district, city of Tulcea and 25 km from the Smârdan commune which connects over Danube, with the city of Braila. Accessibility is ensured by county road DN22D, on a length of 3 km.

The origin of commune was an old Roman settlement, and was mentioned for the first time on the Austrian statistical map of 1790 as Greczj.  At the end of XIX century in The town came Italian settlers which were dealing with the exploitation of stone in the Iacob mountain.

The commune specific activity is agro-industrial, the 4,500 ha of arable land offering the opportunity of families maintenance from the annual crops of cereals, maize, sunflower and vegetables.

There are two clothing factories with Italian capital, in the commune, which operates with about 300 workers employed, mostly women. The village also benefits from the existence of four exploitations of stone which are subject to concession contracts which will commence this year, perpetuating thus a long local tradition of stone cutters.

On the commune territory, the objectives of tourist interest are related to leisure activities, fishing, hunting on the Danube River, and hiking and climbing in Macin Mountains, one of the mountains peaks, Tutuiatu, raise just off the commune. A landmark is represented by Macin Mountains National Park, whose natural attractions are the numerous species of flora and fauna, the highest hercinian peak, various types of rocks, etc. To increase the touristic attractiveness, works were carried out to develop recreational activities in the Crucele forest from vicinity and in the commune was built a sports field.

Source:  http://www.primaria-greci.ro