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Settlement name



1,600 inhabitants


127,97 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°45' N, 27° 52' E

Height of settlement centre

6 m


Geographical location: the Giurgeni Commune lies in the north-east of the Ialomita County and it includes one single village. The Giurgeni Commune is 43 km far from the seat of the Ialomita County. The Commune is riparian to the Danube, situated at the junction of the Borcea and Cremenea Branches with the Danube.

The communication ways are the E60 European road and the DN 2A national road.

Tourist attractions:

-  Archaeological site of national interest, also called “Orasul de Floci” (the “Town of Jibs”), where Prince Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Great) was born.

The Town of Jibs was first mentioned in the old written documents of 1431 during the rulership of Prince Dan the IInd. It was burned down in 1470, during the armed invasion of Prince Stephen the Great against Prince Radu the Great. It was the first seat of the Ialomita County.

The “Town of Jibs” reached maximum economic development and territorial extension in the XVIth and at the beginning of the XVIIth centuries. At present, only several traces of the archaeological site along the DN2A Bucharest-Constanta (km 104-105) remind of the ancient “Town of Jibs”. The nearest settlement is the Giurgeni Village (the Giurgeni Commune), whose origins can be traced back in the XVIIth century (according to the archaeological findings) and which was part of the hinterland of the Town of Jibs.

Tourism and sport fishing.

The “Giurgeni-Vadu Oii” bridge over the Danube.

Local events: the Day of the Commune celebrated on 12 August, Local celebrations – “Hora Satului” (Round dance), Local festivals: “Floarea de pe Baragan”, “Zarzarica” (local designations), Mini-exhibition of decorative objects in the archaeological site of the “Town of Jibs”