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Settlement name



1876 inhabitants


54,61 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°18' N, 27°52' E

Height of settlement centre

4 m        


Geographic location: The Gîrliciu Commune is situated on the North-Western county extremity, 18 km far from the nearest town, Harşova, and 102 km North-West far from Constanta, the county seat.

The Gîrliciu Commune is adjacent in West on the whole territorial border to the Dunarea Veche Branch (the Macin Branch) which is defining the border from Insula Mare a Brailei (the Great Isle of Braila) – starting from the upstream with the Danube forking and covering the area toward downstream to the Agaua village, encompassed within the territory of the Frecaţei Commune.

Localizing the commune territory considering the relief, it is encompassed by the connection region between the Danube Meadow and the Central Dobrudja Tableland (the Casimcea Tableland).

Tourist Objectives: Recent discoveries are proving that on the both banks of the downstream Danube River tribal settlements have been developed, their areas being interpenetrated. The archaeology discoveries dated on the Iron Age include the sickle discovered in Daeni, 7 km far from Gîrliciu.

The Roman domination epoch left many and obvious vestiges of the people life and activity on the commune territory. During the Roman epoch, within the commune area the CIUS port-fortress has been built, its vestiges can be seen even today on a higher place dominating the Danube Meadow, named Asarlâc, 4 km far from Gîrliciu.

Local Events: Major culture events carried on within the commune are the festivals and artistic performances: Ciurlaileasa on the Epiphany Eve, the Epiphany – when a horse race is performed, Jujeul Mălăiaşului, Lita Drichea, Ineluşul Măgăruşul, Curelşa, Nuieluşa, Papurica, Lumânărica, Batistuţa, Totumblându, Caloienii, also yearly on the 8th and 9th of March are organized in the Culture Palace precincts in Gîrliciu.

Yearly, in December the Day of Saint Nicolae, The Patron of the Commune Church is celebrated.

Investments Projects: The development of green areas, The Sport Hall.