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1081 inhabitants


164, 43 km2

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Location of settlement centre Height of settlement centre

44.617, 22.267

269 m





Dubova is a village in Mehedinti County, near the Gorge of the Danube, between the Small Danube Boilers and the Large Danubew Boilers, 50 km west of Turnu Severin, 25 km west of Orsova. The village consists of villages Plavişeviţa, Baia Noua, Dubova, Eibenthal and Tisoviţa.

Main touristic objectives, according to the list of national patrimony published in 2010:

  • The Natural Park Portile de Fier, protected area of national interest, situated in the counties Caras Severin and Mehedinti, which has a high diversity of habitats, more exactly 171, 26 of which are unique for Romania and 21 are of social interest.
  • The Natural area Natura 2000 – Area of Special Protection of avifauna „Cursul Dunării - Baziaş - Porţile de Fier” (10.200,7 ha) – 5% of the surface of the commune is a part of this area.
  • Megalithic head „Decebal” – the face carved in rock of the Dacian king is situated in the place where the river Mraconia flows into the Danube, between the settlements Eselnita and Dubova, and has 40 meters height and 25 meters long. It is a replica of the monument Tabula Traiana, which is located several meters downstream, on the Serbian bank of the Danube.
  • Mraconia Monastry
  • The Natural reservation "Cazanlele Mari" and "Ciucarul Mare", an area of 7 km, between Dubova and Ogradena, composed of Cazanele Mari, 3,8 km long and 170-300 m width, and Cazanele Mici, 3,6 km long and 150-350 m width.  The area is considered a natural monument, where the tulip „Laleaua cazanelor” also grows.
  • In the Mountain  Ciucaru Mare (cazanele Mari), there are two very old caves: Gura Ponicovei (also called The Bat Cave) –considered a monument of speleolological importance, and  Veterani – considered by the Dacians a sanctuary of the God Zamolxis, which is nowadays flooded.


  • Farsane – Czech feast in the village Eibenthal, in February
  • The international camp of plastic creation Mraconia-Dubova, august
  •  The folklore festival „Fiii Satului”
  • Religious festivities: Sfanta Maria (8th -9th September), Sfanta Varvara (The Mineworker’s day), Baia Noua (3rd December), annual pilgrimage Maria Ciclova (Ciclova Montana), on 15th August or 8th September.