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Settlement Name



3480 inhabitants


115 km2

Administrative status 


Administrative Centre Coordinates

45.19, 28.8

Height of settlement centre

14 m


Located in South of Calarasi County, in the Field of Baragan Mostistea, Dorobantu Commune is 36 km far from the county capital and 35 km far from Oltenita city situated.

The town comprises three villages: Dorobantu, Varasti and Bosneagu. It is contiguous with the Ciocanesti Commune in the Eastern side, Danube Meadow in the Southern side, Manastirea Commune in Western side, being separated by it by Mostistea Valley, and Ulmu Commune in the Northern side. Considering the most important relief units, the commune is located on the Danube river terraces. Dorobantu and Varasti villages are located on terrace I – Calarasi, 21 m altitude, and Bosneagu village on the terrace II – Corabia, 35m altitude.

The commune is crossed by the National Road 31, Bucureşti-Olteniţa-Călăraşi, and the County Road 304.

Dorobantu, rural town on the Mostisteai Valley, situated at half road between Calarasi and Oltenit – on Danube line – has been materialized in a human  establishment just at the end of the last century. A village was naturally established due to the generous conditions present in the area, and as a response of some practices belonging to the Romanian Country Army several centuries ago.

This is one of the Mostistea river gifts. Mostistea river, as any water course, gave birth on both banks to many human settlements having disparities in evolution, issued at different time data. Here, on the water shore, important archeology works have been developed during the 60’s with exceptional results that promotted loyal archeological reconstructions of the life way of the human communities since the Middle Age until today. Human societies evolution terms identified here by the excavations are specific to all area settlements.

Touristic objectives: Mostistea lake, Danube river, the channel connecting the Danube and Mostistea rivers, that may be used for sportive fishing, boating, hydro-bicycles, Andolina Pound, Varasca Forest, Saint Nicolae Church in Bosneagu Village, Saint Trinity Church in Varasti Village, seven archeological sites.

Local events: The villagers celebrate on 25 October the Harvest Day and the Day of the Commune.