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Settlement name



1832 inhabitants


91,23 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.228, 27.535

Height of settlement centre

13 m


Geographical location: The commune of Dichiseni is located on the left side of the Borcea branch, in the southeast area of Călărasi County, in Bărăgan Plain. The nearest urban settlement is the city of Călărasi, located 21 km away. The settlement currently includes three villages - Dichiseni, Satnoieni and Coşlogeni.

The commune landform falls under two large natural units: the Danube Meadow to the south and the Southern Bărăgan Plain to the north (also called Bărăganul Ialomiţean).The area’s hydrographic network is tributary to the Danube River

Tourist attractions

The commune has the following architectural monuments, included in the historical, cultural heritage :

Archaeological sites of Cosloveni Village date from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages

Coslogeni Village - Popina lui Ilie (or Balta Borcei)(Ilie’s Hillcock of Borcea’s  Pond).

Coslogeni Village – Gradistea Coslogeni (Coslogeni Hillcock), in Balta Borcei, on a  former no. 7 farm

Coslogeni Village – Wooden church of Sf. Nicolae, .21th century.

Dichiseni Village - Sf. Nicolae’s Church, 1875.

Libertatea Monastery

Healing cross of Dichiseni is an old stone cross, ressembling the cross of Dervent Monastery located near Ostrov, a place where each year, on the day of  Healing Spring, religious services are officiated. Near this stone cross, the Monastery of Holy Cross have been built in 2003. 

Near this monastery is located another monastery, Radu Negru, which have been built on the site of the old church of Libertatea Village.                                                                                  

Source: http://www.primariaonline.ro/judet-Calarasi/primarie-Dichiseni/m/1