Settlement name



3469 inhabitants


69,77 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°28N, 22°40E

Height of settlement centre

106 m                         




Devesel  is situated in the south-west  of Mehedinti county, on the left bank of the Danube in the south-west of  Drobeta Turnu Severin town.  Accessibility: DN 349, DJ 1050.  The locality includes the following villages: Devesel,  Batoţi, Bistreţu,  Dunărea Mică, Scăpău and Tismana  that are at distances of  5-7 km from the village center.

Tourist attractions:

In the locality there are archaeological sites identified in collaboration with the Mehedinti County Museum, sites that are on the list of historical monuments, dating from the Neolithic period and the period of Roman occupation; these sites may constitute tourist attractions (the archaeological site Devesel village "Ochiuri",  Bistreţ village archaeological site - "La Punti"). In Tismana village there is Cetatuia archaeological site, where it is suspected to be Batoţi castrum.

Dunarea Mica village church, dedicated to "St. George" - built by Matei Basarab in 1645 is listed as a historical monument and is an attraction with other existing places of worship in the locality.

The area of the village is near the large acacia forests, hill Starmina, so annually, the village municipality  organizes the  "celebration of acacia."in May.

Local events:

  • Weekly fair
  • Celebation of Devesel village

Popular feast organized by each of the villages: Devesel - Pentecost Sunday, Batoţi and Dunarea Mică - St. George, Tismana - St. Mary (8 sep), Bistreţu and Scăpău - Saint Mary (15aug).