Stema Tulcea

Settlement name



2.500 inhabitants


104,80 km2

Administrative status

Village common residence

Location of settlement centre

44° 50’ N, 28° 7’ E

Height of settlement centre

24 m


Geographical Location: The Daeni Commune is situated in the South-Western part of Tulcea County, 90 km far from Tulcea City and 28 km far from Harsova. The locality is located on the Danube bank (upstream from the town Harsova), bordered by the following territories: in North – the administrative territory of Ostrov and Topolog Communes, in West Dunarea Veche, in South the Constanta County, in East the Casimcea Commune. The commune encompasses a single village, respectively Daeni.

Access ways: The County Roads DJ 222G, DJ 222F;

Local Events: The Commune Fest Day on 14 October;

Cultural Establishments:

  • The Commune Culture House
  • The Commune Library

Tourist Objectives:

- The Danube Bank – The Ancient Branch

Concerning the improvement of the nature tourism resources and the increasing of the tourism services, successful investments can be performed considering the establishment, development and modernization of the tourism infrastructure. Though actually it does not represent an important share of the economy, the tourism sector could be the engine of the area economic growth based on the nature potential. 

Various trips can be organized and many interesting leisure activities can be here performed. The relief conditions and the location are recommending the commune for agricultural tourism, as the boarding houses in the area may be taken as starting points for different tourism routes. Considering the tourism infrastructure, the accommodation and leisure units development, investments can be made for the development of boarding houses and holiday houses, motor inns, hotels, tourist camp sites, restaurants with local specificity, fishing centers, hunting centers, sportive camps and cantonments, summer sportive bases, etc.  

Source: http://www.primariaonline.ro/