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Settlement name



5341  inhabitants


226,54 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.478, 27.903

Height of settlement centre

59 m


Geographical location: The Commune Bordusani is located in the North-Eastern part of Ialomita County, on the left side of Borcea Branch. The commune is 14 km far from Fetesti town and is contiguous with the villages Facaieni in North, Stelnica in South, Seimeni, Constanta County, and Movila in West. The commune is located 43 km far from Slobozia, the town head of the county.

Tourist objectives: Protected areas of a very large ecosystem, practically one of this kind in Europe.

- The Lakes Bentul Mic, Bentul Mic Cotoi, Bentul Mare Bordusani

Located on the administrative territory of Bordusani Commune, on the right bank of Borcea Branch, in Balta Ialomitei (Ialomita Pond – Borcei).  Ialomita Pond is an island between the Danube Branches Ostrov and Borcea, in the Eastern part of Ialomita County. It covers an area of 831,3 km² being 94 km long and 4 to 12,5 km wide.

 - The Archeology Site of Popina Bordusani

Situated in Balta Ialomitei (Ialomita Pond) at around 2,5 km North far from the right bank of Borcea Branch. Balta Ialomitei is an island formed between the Danube Branches Ostrov and Borcea, in the Eastern part of Ialomita County. People can reach there by car till in Bordusani Commune, crossing than the Danube River at Balturi, using the native fishermen boats or an improvised ferry. It is situated on the highest hill in the area.

The archaeological researches revealed historic vestiges since the VI Century    b. C. making possible for the first time in Romania the research of a part of such a pre-historic village. Consequent deposits prove the existence during several hundred of years of a community belonging to the Gumelnita Culture (around 4600 – 4200 b. C.). In the II Century b. C. a Getic community is established here. Even a pre-historic street was here discovered.