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3419 inhabitants


280,63 km2

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Location of settlement centre

Height of settlement centre

44°38N , 21°56E

90 m 





The commune Berzasca (which includes the villages Berzasca, Liubcova, Drencova, Cozla) is situated in the south of Caras-Severin county, on the national Road DN 57, at 74 km upstream of Orsova and 58 km downstream of Bazias. It is bordered in the East by the village Sviniţa, Mehedinti County, in the West by the commune Sicheviţa, in the North by the Mountains Almajului and in the South by the Danube.

It was attested in 1692, but the traces found prove that the place was inhabited even from the ancient times.

The excavations brought into the open objects in bronze, bracelets, lamps, arrows, pots, coins, ornaments, certifying the existence of a settlement since the Roman times. The historians believe that the village was actually funded at the end of the 17th century.

Main touristic objectives:

Given the fact that Berzasca is situated in Clisura Dunarii, it is part of the Clough Bazias – Gura Vaii, which at its turn, is part of the Natural Reservation “Portile de Fier”, known for the diversity, variety, originality and uniqueness of the ecosystems. Due to the mountainous terrain, there is a series of "curiosities" of nature: forests of beech, lime, hornbeam, cherry, hazel, etc. and a series of caves: the Zamonita cave, the "Pişătorii" watercave.

  • The special area of conservation Sirinia, between the Recica beck and Sirinia-Eliseva. river
  • Zamonita cave, situated in a place called Zamonita, at about 330 m height. The cave is seldom visited, because when it rains, the stream blocks the access to the cave.
  • The church „Biserica Sfinţii Arhangheli”, in Brezasca, 1836;
  • "Cetatuia”, ground fortress, at 2 km North from Brezasca
  • Necropolis and settlement “Saliste – Valea Dragoselea”, 9th – 14th cent.
  • Archaeological site fron the Neolithic, a Hallstatt settlement from the culture Basarabi, in Berzasca, in the place called “Spit I”, at 1,5 km from the village.
  • Settlement from the Bronze Age, in the place called “Spit II”, in Berzasca, at 1,5 km from the village. Nowadays it is under water.
  • Fortress, in he place called “Cetatea de pamant”, in the village Drencova, situated at 1,5 km from the village
  • Settlement from the Neolithic, in the place called Ornita, in the village Liubcova, at 800 m. West from the village on the bank of the Danube.
  • Multi-layer settlement from the Bronze Age, and a Latene fortress from the Dacian culture, in the place called “Stenca Liubcovei”, in Liubcova, at 2 km East from the village
  • Necropolis from the Bronze Age, Garla Mare culture, in the place called “Tiglarie”, in Liubcova, on the eastern side of the village.
  • The church – historical monument with the titular saints Mihail and Gavril.
  • Together with these sites, whose surface is known, several other sites are mentionable: “Debelilug”,at 18 km from this settlement; ’’Platoul Rauniste”; “Dragoselo” situated at 1 km South from Debelilug; “Poalele Dealului”- “Tiera Dragoseli”; “Stubar”, “Glob Camenita”,“Otar”,“Caistrochi”, in the place called “Seliste”.

The Informational Center of the Natural Park ”Portile de Fier” has its headquarters inside the Cultural House Berzasca. In the same building, there is a library which has a collection of 1700 books, and a band of folklore dance practices inside.

Excursion routes:

  • Berzasca: "Pişătoarea" tophus waterfall,  Almaj Mountains, on the Valley Sirinea - km 14,5;
  • Berzasca: The cave Gaura Cornii - Almaj Mountains, on the Valley Berzasca
  • Berzasca: the cave in Dumbravița Mică, Almaj Mountains, on the Danube, at its confluence with Sirinea Valley;
  • Berzasca: Pepa Cave, Almaj Mountains, on the Danube, at its confluence with Sirinea Valley;
  • Berzasca: The cave in Voinicovat, Almăj Mountains, on the Berzasca Valley, 77m long,
  • Berzasca  The cave in Cleantul Panzii, Almăj Mountains, on the Berzasca Valley –Chiacului Valley
  • Berzasca: The cave Cleantul Zbegului, Almăj Mountains, on the Berzasca Valley –Chiacului Valley
  • Berzasca: Socolovat Cave, Almaj Mountains , on Sirinea Valley - Bobot and Jgheab waterfalls (km 12,5);
  • Berzasca: Zamonita cave, Almaj Mountains- Mosnic Hill, in Zamonita Glade – Dragoselca Valley, 330m alt.


  • “Ruga” – festivity organized every year on the 13th – 14th July
  • Music festival fro children and youth “Ritmuri in Mileniul Trei”
  • The days of the Liubcov culture
  • Religious festivity in Liubcova and Bigar


  • Guesthouse with 4 double rooms, living-room, pool, barbecue, pavilion, raft (Cabana Andreea)

Isabella Guesthouse – on the Danube bank, in Berzasca, 11 rooms, 30 places