Berteştii de Jos


Settlement name

Berteştii de Jos


3165 inhabitants


135,1 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44°50’ N, 27°45’ E

Height of settlement centre

254 m


The Berteştii de Jos commune is located in the southeast of Brăila County, 4 km from the Danube River, being crossed by County Road 212A, the main artery of traffic especially in summer, which connects the central and eastern areas of the country and localities from the Black Sea Coast. The commune comprises the villages Berteştii de Jos, Spiru Haret, Berteştii de Sus şi Gura Călmăţui.

The settlement was founded in 1828 by the military commander Colonel Dimitrie Polizu, then owner of the estate "Polizeşti" along with several tenants. The name Berteşti is said to have been given by the Lake "Bertea" which was located between Berteştii de Jos, Polizeşti and Gura Gârluţei. Today, the lake no longer exists due to dam built between 1945-1949 to Gropeni.

The main economic activities in the area are agriculture, livestock, fisheries, trade and tourism. On the commune territory there are kindergartens, schools for grades I-VIII and medical departments.

At 3 km from the village of residence Bereştii de Jos is the Danube River which is offering the opportunity to practice specific recreational area tourism, in the administrative and territorial area of the village being included a large part of the Small Island of Braila, on an area of ​​21,000 ha. Another tourist attraction in the area is Viişoara Forest, located 1 km from the commune, which is a forest of acacia and oak stretched over an area of 4800 ha.



Berteştii de Jos
Berteştii de Jos
Berteştii de Jos