Settlement name



3864 inhabitants


29,52 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43°47’N, 23°57’ E

Height of settlement centre

50 m


Bechet is a city in the Dolj county, Oltenia, Romania. It is located in south of the county, being one of the two Danube ports of the Dolj county, along with Calafat. Bechet is a the  Rahova Bulgarian town.

The port organizes annual celebrations - the Bechet Navy on 15 August, where they hold various navy games, rides on the Danube and rustic celebrations. Near Bechet lies the Sadova monastery and the secular forest of Zaval, where every year on the first Sunday of August is organised a beautiful festival.

Bechet is a road junction on the national roads passing here: Craiova - Bechet, Calafat - Bechet, Bechet - Corabia. From the Bechet port city, one can reach relatively quickly the routes to Sofia and Greece, which are preferred by most carriers and travel agencies, in order to transit to Bulgaria and move to Greece or Turkey.

The main touristic objects are: the locality Museum (1974) of ethnography, history and art, the Bechet harbour, the Danube meadow river, the “Sf. Gheorghe (1870)” Church – historical architecture monument.

Protected areas: Site of Community importance – the Jiu Corridor Special Bird Protection Area,  the Jiu - Danube confluence.

Local holidays: the city today (15 August), International Folklore Festival "Danube to the Danube" (15 August), the Wine Festival (November 1st). In this town there are not accommodation units classified by the Ministry of Transport and Tourism, or catering units.