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Settlement name



3175 inhabitants


126,21 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44° 15’N, 27°40’E

Height of settlement centre

49 m


Geographical location: Aliman Commune is situated in the South-Eastern part of Constanta County, on the Oltina Plateau, at the crossing of some important Dobrudjan roadways, in conjunction with the following neighbors: in the Northern part  - the Rasova Commune; in the Southern part – the Commune Ion Corvin; in the Eastern part – the Commune Adamclisi; in the Western part – the Danube River.

Aliman Commune is located 97 km far from Constanta Municipality and 30 km far from Cernavoda Town.

Tourist Objectives: tourist resources and sportive fishing provided by the Danube River close vicinity and also by the lakes Dunareni and Vederoasa, the archeology sites still not enough researched, and last but not least, the landscape frame of the area.

-          The archeology Daco-Roman and medieval vestiges, some of them being already excavated and able to be shown to the visitors, as the Sacidava Fortress, while others are going to be revealed and showed to the public in the future.

-          The Fossilipherous Place “Aliman” with a huge scientific value, declared as a Nature Monument.

-          The villages encompassed by the commune are featured by the extremely interesting architecture of the houses, unique habits and traditional costumes, with deep roots into the past.

-          The Veroasa Lake is encompassed by the Aliman Lake Mixed Nature Reservation, which covers 517 ha. The lake is located in the lagoon sector of the Urluia and Vederoasa Valleys. It is a meadow lake with many meanders. On the lake bank there are the ascending water springs, originated from the lime stones base of the cliff. The water supply of the lake comes from the underground water of these water springs. 80% of the vegetation includes the reed, a plant that offers an ideal place for aquatic, migratory birds nesting and hibernation. The access to the lake is made by agriculture paths connected to the County Road Cernavoda-Ion Corvin.

-          The Dunareni Lake.

Investments Projects:

Reed and bulrush existent in the two pounds high turning to good account; Osier willow processing units; The stone from the Aliman pit drawing out and trading; The development of the Aeolian system; The rehabilitation of the Water Supply Network.