Settlement name



407 inhabitants


228,23 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.183N 22.733E

Height of settlement centre

42 m


Vrav (or Vruv) is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Bregovo municipality, Vidin district. It is located on the Danubian bank, 12 km from Bregovo and 30 km from Vidin. This is the first Bulgarian settlement along the Danube after the Serbian-Bulgarian border.

The local people are part of the ethnic group "wet Vlachs" (mokri vlasi), known as such because they live at the confluence of the Timok river in the Danube.

The oldest evidences of settlement around the village of Vrav date from the early Bronze Age, around the 3rd century BC. About 1st century, when the territory of actual Bulgaria was part of the Roman Empire, near the village and the town of Bregovo, a Roman legion was settled down in order to defend the northwestern frontier of the Empire from incursions of the tribes coming from north of the Danube. For this purpose a small fortress (castle), known as "Dorticum" (or Dortikum) was built and the local Thracian population was romanized. There are also some evidences for existence of a little Slavonic-Bulgarian settlement, during 8th to 10th century. Dorticum is mentioned in the descriptions of Count Luigi Ferdinando Marcili (1658-1730) in his travels in the Danube area.

This part of Danube is a favourite place for fishing and lately a campsite was built on the river bank, which offers facilities for recreation, bathing, fishing, water sports, shelter, barbecue, children’s playground etc.

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