Settlement name



245 inhabitants


302.45 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.133′N  27.033′E

Height of settlement centre

70 m


Vetren is a village in northeastern Bulgaria, located near Silistra. It is situated along the Danube.

The Vetren fortress is situated about 4 km north of the village; it is on a hill, 300 m long and 150 m wide with an altitude of about 90 m over the banks of the Danube. For the first time the fortress was mentioned in connection with events in the area in 1087. The pottery found in the remains of the fortress dates from the period of 4th – 12th century.

The economic activities in the village are connected with vegetables, fruits (apricots), grapes, cereals, sunflower growing, and livestock breeding (pigs).

The closeness of Vetren to the Danube defines fishing as main occupation of the local population. On the riverbank there is a fishing village, which is also a favorite place for the guests of the village. Nearby there is a beach. Above it, there is a large hotel with great view of the Danube. In the old part of the village, many typical houses were restored and serve as guesthouses.

In Vetren there is an ethnographic exhibition representing the life and livelihood of local people.

A traditional summer event in the village is the arrival of the Regatta on the Danube (TID). Guests from European countries on the Danube arrive by boat at the end of August, every year. On this occasion, the local people organize a festival of the Danube: welcome the guests, greet them and show the wealth of local folklore of Dobrudzha region.

The future intents of the village are to develop rural tourism and fishing.