Staro selo




Settlement name

Staro selo


942 inhabitants


646.62 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43.983 N, 26.533 E

Height of settlement centre

27 m


Staro selo (en. Old village) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Tutrakan Municipality, Silistra District, 5 km from the Danube, in the valley of the former Stara reka river.

The settlement dates from 2000 years ago.

The protected site "Kalimok-Brashlen" (5 952.34 ha) is a wetland, the largest part of which is on the territory of Staro selo (the other villages are Nova Cherna, Tsar Samuil, Brashlen, Ryahovo etc.). There are rare birds and animals, many of which are recorded in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

There is a monument of "Weeping Mother" which symbolizes the image of a mother weeping for her children.

The Community centre has groups for authentic folklore.

The Festival of the village takes place regularly in the first weekend of September.