Settlement name



357 inhabitants


242.82 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43.817 N, 23.450 E

Height of settlement centre

36 m


Stanevо is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Lom Municipality, Montana District.

The village has an old and interesting history. It consists of two neighborhoods: Labets and Chuchan.

Once the village was located in the current area of "Tsibar swamp", but during the epidemic time of plague the local people resettled to the today’s place. When traveling in the direction Lom-Stanevo, one can see that the village is situated at the bottom of a preexisted river. Until today, the river bed is constantly moving towards Danube.

There is a Roman settlement “Pomodiana” (at the locality of Mal tepe, 500 m from the village), as evidenced by the found pottery, coins, metal hairpins and graves of entire families.

There are many Thracian finds on the Danube bank. When Danube outflows, one can see several mounds and much evidences for the presence there of a Thracian population.

The Holy Ascension Church in Stanevo is over 200 years old - since the end of 17th century. More than a half of the Church is underground and only a small part of the building is above the ground. There is evidence that this is one of the oldest churches in northwestern Bulgaria. The church was part of a monastery which was destroyed by the Turks after the Chiprovtsi Uprising in 1688.

The protected zone „Tsibarsko blato” (en. “Tsibar swamp”) (909.76 ha) is governed under the EU Bird Directive and is located between the villages of Stanevo and Dolni Tsibar.

The traditional gathering of the village is held in the first weekend of June every year.

The annual Festival of the Danube and of the village is organized on 4th August.