Slivo pole



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Cultural and Historical Tourism:

  • heritage site, built heritage (national importance), other built heritage (local importance):

ruins of an ancient Thracian settlement

memorial fountain

Gastro tourism:

  • Wine tourism




Settlement name

Slivo pole


3169 inhabitants


276 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 43.95 N, 26,2 E

Height of settlement centre

0-49 m


Slivo pole is a municipality in the distict Ruse, North Central Region of Bulgaria. Its centre – the town Slivo pole, is situated 21 km to the East of the town of Ruse, on the main road between the towns Ruse and Silistra.

Slivo pole is famous both with its cultural and historical monuments and with its preserved territories with various wildlife. There is situated the biggest bio fuel producing factory on the Balkan peninsula.

 There are ruins of an anciant Thracian settlement 2 km Northwest of the town.

In the field of alternative tourism the sanctuary of Kalimok – Brashlen offers various species of the animal wildlife, represented by 230 kinds of birds, which is 58 % of all the birds in Bulgaria, reptiles, amphibians and mammals, rare and endangered species – recorded in Bulgarian Red book.
It is a typical rural area developping agro-food production –dairy, meat, mushrooms, wine, fish. Organic production of vegetables and honey production are being developped.